WP1 Management and Coordination       

1.2 Project Management

1.3 Project Meetings

1.4 Verification of Expenditure


WP2 Information and Publicity

2.1 Communication Plan

2.2 Information material: logo& slogan, information kit, leaflet, thematic posters

2.3 Mass Media Campaign (Press – Web)

2.4 Conferences/infodays

2.5 Publication of a common tri-lingual project booklet (GR – AL – EN)




WP3 Protection  and precaution of the cultural milestones                                           

3.1 Risk assessment study

3.2 Procurement of necessary equipment for the protection of the 2 ancient theaters (ICV System)

3.3 Infrastructures for the protection of areas of exceptional archaeological importance



WP4 Establishment of a cross-border network for cultural protection and promotion            

4.1 Establishment of a network entitled MileSTONES

4.2 Development of a joint strategic marketing plan for promotion of the CB cultural resources

4.3 Organization of missions for representatives of authorities,  institutions, enterprises and NGOs




WP5 Cross-border thematic routes

5.1 Design, mapping and digitalization of thematic route from Dodoni to Finiq theater.

5.2 Placement of common signs and tables across the thematic route in the cross-border area

5.3 Construction of infokiosks in the area

5.4  45’ TV Documentary