The project aims to the promotion and development of the cultural resources of the cross border area of Greece- Albania focusing on two of the most important archeological sites; the ancient theater of Dodoni and the ancient theater of Finiq. Moreover, great part of the project is focused on the protection of the theatres with the implementation of specialized interventions.

Through the development of joint activities on both sides of the borders, the project aims to protect and promote the points of cultural interest in the cross border area in order both to preserve them as part of the cross border culture and in parallel to take advantage of them in order to enhance the tourism attractiveness of area. Key objectives of MileSTONES are:

  • The protection and preservation of the cultural resources of the cross-border area, with the exploitation of innovative ICT technologies,
  • The promotion in an international level of the ancient theatres of Dodoni and Finiq,
  • The connection of the archaeological sites, through the development of a thematic cultural network, consisted of all the points of interest in the cross-border area,
  • The establishment of a cooperation network in Greece and Albania with the participation of all culture stakeholders,
  • The enhancement of the attractiveness and the tourist identity of the cross-border area.